Wind Walk 


6th-level Transmutation

Cast Time:1 minute
Range:30 feet
Components:V, S, M (fire and holy water)
Duration:8 hours
Description:You and up to ten willing creatures you can seewithin range assume a gaseous form for the duration,appearing as wisps of cloud. While in this cloud form,a creature has a flying speed of 300 feet and hasresistance to damage from non-magical weapons. Theonly actions a creature can take in this form are theDash action or to revert to its normal form. Revertingtakes 1 minute, during which time a creature isincapacitated and can’t move. Until the spell ends, acreature can revert to cloud form, which also requiresthe 1-minute transformation.

If a creature is in cloud form and flying when the effectends, the creature descends 60 feet per round for 1minute until it lands, which it does safely. If it can’t landafter 1 minute, the creature falls the remaining distance.