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 Episode 29 of FRINGE
 2018-10-22 -  
A Dragon...... ( Member Submission! )... 2018-10-22 
As the echoes of the guttural roar fade off into the unexplored caverns, only the sounds of the river of lava remain.

"It's likely Grumeo (the other missing comrade) is... well, we can't assume. And if there's a dragon in here, maybe it has answers (or other things 😉)"

Michael states calmly. The heroes nod in agreement, and gather themselves to press on.

The copper wyrmling (baby dragon) which was freed by Arondhil, continues to follow him around and gazes at him adoringly.

Magnus, combing his long hair turns to the bladesinger and says, "i think he likes you".

And at that moment, Arondhil intuitively agrees as he gazes back into the little dragon's eyes.


Dave, you are now owner of a copper dragon wyrmling, and have the following according to your level:

Companion's Bond

Your companion (copper dragon) gains a variety of benefits while it is linked to you.

The dragon loses its Multiattack action, if it has one.

The companion obeys your commands as best it can. It rolls for initiative like any other creature, but you determine its actions, decisions, attitudes, and so on. If you are incapacitated or absent, your companion acts on its own.

Keeping Track of Proficiency

At 3rd level, its proficiency bonus matches yours at +2. As you gain levels and increase your proficiency bonus, your companion's proficiency bonus improves as well, and is applied to the following areas: Armor Class, skills, saving throws, attack bonus, and damage rolls.

Your companion has abilities and game statistics determined in part by your level. Your companion uses your proficiency bonus rather than its own. In addition to the areas where it normally uses its proficiency bonus, a companion also adds its proficiency bonus to its AC and to its damage rolls.

Your companion gains proficiency in two skills of your choice. It also becomes proficient with all saving throws.

For each level you gain after 3rd, your companion gains an additional hit die and increases its hit points accordingly.

Whenever you gain the Ability Score Improvement class feature, your companion's abilities also improve. Your companion can increase one ability score of your choice by 2, or it can increase two ability scores of your choice by 1. As normal, your companion can't increase an ability score above 20 using this feature unless its description specifies otherwise.

Your companion shares your alignment. Your companion shares your ideal, and its bond is always, "Dave's character is a beloved companion for whom I would gladly give my life."

Coordinated Attack

At 5th level, you and your companion form a more potent fighting team. When you use the Attack action on your turn, if your companion can see you, it can use its reaction to make a melee attack.

Beast's Defense

At 7th level, while your companion can see you, it has advantage on all saving throws.

Storm of Claws and Fangs

At 11th level, your companion can use its action to make a melee attack against each creature of its choice within 5 feet of it, with a separate attack roll for each target.

Superior Beast's Defense

At 15th level, whenever an attacker that your companion can see hits it with an attack, it can use its reaction to halve the attack's damage against it.

Why No Multiattack?

Multiattack is a useful design tool that keeps monsters

simple for the DM. It provides a boost in offense, but that boost is meant to make a beast threatening for one battle--a notion that doesn't mesh well with a beast intended to fight with the party, rather than against it. Project Multiattack across an entire adventure, and a companion runs the risk of outclassing the fighters and barbarians in the party.

So in story terms, your companion has traded in some of its ferocity (in the form of Multiattack) for better awareness and the ability

to fight more effectively in concert with you.
 Episode 21 of FRINGE
 Mission 4: The Volcano 
Mission Objectives:
Infiltrate and secure volcano base from clones.
Locate missing fellow operatives.

Locale: Active Volcano

Our agents have located an enemy stronghold deep in the Moisty Mountains in an active volcano. The area is heavily patrolled by scout constructs and clones. We have located a cave (1 hour away by foot) which can be used as a secure area to regroup. We will teleport you in via teleportation circle to the front gates. If need be, the MARS chain will direct you to the cave if you need a secure area to regroup. Also, a Rod of Security will be provided as a cautionary messure. As soon as the teleportation circle has replenished its power the following dawn, we shall send support to assist. The information came at a cost; 2 of the 3 agents were captured. You will leave at dusk.

Enchanted items provided:
- Rod of Security
- MARS chains (with cave location)

- Infiltrate and secure the area
- Retrieve our agents

Further Intel
The entrance to the volcano stronghold consists of two great slabs of black obsidian set into the base of the hillside. Each portal is thirty feet tall, nine feet wide, and smooth as glass.

These black stone doors bar entrance into the stronghold. The obsidian doors are 5 feet thick and have no handles; iron hinges mounted to the inside walls hold them in place. If a Shadey Clan member touches either portal, both doors swing inward quietly and remain open for 1 minute before closing on their own. The doors appear magically locked to all others and impervious to physical harm.

Equipment Recovered:
supreme healing x5 - everyone
goggles of night - fiona
drift globe - braeden
dwarven thrower - vondal
boots of speed - vondal
Bag of holding - braeden
 Episode 14 of FRINGE
 Emptying the Cavern 
The following is equipment which is available for your 9th level characters to equip themselves with.
Mars chain necklace
-Telepathy between wearers of Mars chains (range 500 ft).
-Advantage on stealth rolls
-Comprehend languages (and speak)

Shadow Clan consists of clones who have the following abilities:
hive mind (can communicate with each other telepathically as one mind)
dark vision
Immune to being charmed or being frightened; they are mindless emotionless beings.
Approximately 30 to 40 targets at this underground location. Among the targets is a Scout Construct.

Scout Construct:
affected only by magic weapons
more info to come

Scout construct has True and Keen sight.

They are agile, quick, and fast, and can attack from 120 ft away with its anti matter beam, with great accuracy. In close combat, it attacks with its front claws and tail.

They are of metal, and immune to the following:
Alter Form
Also immune to these forms of damage:

Approximately 30 to 40 targets at this underground location. Among the targets is one Scout Construct which was seen within the entrance of the base.

Shadow Clan consists of clones (mindless emotionless beings) who receive orders from their cloners, have the following abilities:

hive mind (can communicate with each other telepathically as one mind)
dark vision
Immune to being charmed or being frightened; they are mindless emotionless beings.

Scout Construct:

affected only by magic weapons
Scout construct has True (must be activated) and Keen sight.
They are agile, quick, and fast, and can attack from 120 ft away with its anti matter beam, with great accuracy. In close combat, it attacks with its front claws and tail.

They are of metal, and immune to the following:

Alter Form
Also immune to these forms of damage:

 Episode 8 of FRINGE
 In Search of the Prisoners 
In a land where practically all evil organizations and bands of wrong-doers had been quashed for decades, the slightest mention of evil intent and innocents being oppressed traveled like wildfire to the ears of the Knights. So it took less than two days for the first report of human trafficking to catch the attention of General Six and her lieutenants.

Practically no better reason to be suffering this headache. Kaelis thought to himself, leaning heavily on the HQ display table as the General ran them through the particulars.

The heroes were dispatched within the hour. Since R&D was constantly working on upgrading the equipment and resources the Knights used, the heroes were able to triangulate the apparent location of the reports received to within a small series of caves long thought to be empty and unused.

Approaching the cavern opening, the heroes discovered it to be a crypt long forgotten, and so it was with tentative steps that they descended into the darkness. Two huge crypts paired on either side of the staircase lay cracked and open; clear sign that they had been looted, but this only heightened the heroes' apprehension; what kind of traffickers would choose such a place to keep people hostage?!

As they stepped into the darkness, the heroes realized too late they were already set upon. From the darkness, they were attacked by more of the same drown they had encountered in the abandoned mine just the week before. But it was not the dark elves that surprised the heroes, it was a lanky, oddly-shaped mechanical beast that attacked, not with claws but with blades of metal and beams of burning light!

Too many enemies, too little light! thought Arndithas, and with a wave of his outstretched hand, he caused the entire crypt to be bathed in light; blinding the drow and lifting the heroes' waning spirits.
 Episode 2 of FRINGE
 The Abandoned Mine 
Dispatched by General Six, the heroes assembled to visit a long-abandoned mine from which sounds and mysterious traffic had been seen lately.

"Strange..." Chaedi said as they all boarded the dropship.

"What's that?" Garrick responded.

"After all this time... why would people start using the mine now?" It's not like there's any material wealth there, that's why it was abandoned in the first place, wasn't it?"

"Maybe there's storing something there they don't want to be found easily.." Isak offered as he ducked low to allow the massive glaive strapped to his back to fit up the ramp.

"I can't wait to see!" piped in Tana, already comfortable seated in the hull of the ship.

The shared glance of the rest of the heroes was enough to suggest they all liked the young one's exuberance.

Venturing deep into the once-abandoned mine, the heroes were set upon by a throng of bugbears, hulking goblinoids who seemed to be guarding the cavern mouth itself. Creeping ahead with shadow-like stealth, Chaedi was able to execute a handful of bugbears almost before they knew they were set upon.

To the surprise of the heroes and just as the ranks of the bugbears were thinning, several drow came to the bugbears' assistance. Wielding their poisoned blades and casting dark magic, the drow said nothing, but acted in almost perfect synchronicity.

Garrick and Isak corralled the drow and bugbears and neatly sliced through them with a mix of magic and steel. Chaedi turned another three bugbears into pincushions, and Ardnthas brought the wrath of his god to bear on the evil creatures.

Once the quiet of the cavern had been restored, the heroes moved on to discover a drow wizard boasting the head of Duke Szeffrin! To the heroes' amazement, the drow tossed at them an emaciated head, and then set upon them a massive Iron Golem.

Sensing the bigger threat, Chaedi sprinted into action and with a flurry of arrows was able to kill the drow wizard before he finished his taunting. Focusing then on the golem, the Knights were able to damage it enough to quell the threat, its iron limbs cast about the tiny cavern.

Staring at the decapitated head before them, each of the heroes then turned to each other; no one speaking, but all thinking the same thing: "Is this really the head of the evil Duke? It was rumoured that none had even seen Szeffrin in a decade, but the long arm of his terrible grasp was constantly suffered by many.

Without any alternative, Kaelis reluctantly wrapped the head in some scrap cloth he removed from his Bag of Holding, and quickly threw the head back in to the extra-dimensional space to attend to later.

Ensuring the rest of the mines were uninhabited, the heroes found no other sign of why the bugbears and drow chose to take up a position in the mines, nor any sign of what they were doing here.

The flight back was quiet but for Tana's cheerful chatter and her many wild theories of what had transpired and why.

Kaelis was not looking forward to the inquiries that the heroes' new treasure demanded...
 Episode 1 of FRINGE
 2016-12-21 -  
Fringe Forward... ( Member Submission! )... 2016-12-21 
Once upon a time long ago, on a tiny planet called Neuphoria, the lands of the world were for most part living in peace and harmony (think of it as star trek in ideology in a d&d setting). Of that world, the largest city of them all was Infinite. A booming metropolis that thrived in trade populated by humanoids of all variety.

Neuphoria was not always peaceful, for the dark forces of the world were once more prominent, reeking havoc across the globe and ruling almost half of the planet. The forces of evil were led by Duke Ssszzeffffrinnnn, an undead being. Despite having differences among themselves (go figure, they're evil), the duke would call upon them to do his bidding.

As time went on, the forces of good banded together with the help of the gods, and defeated the evil kingdoms, rendering them to scattered small pockets across the globe, leaving the duke not much to rule over. Although, what ever evil remained, still answered to his call. His whereabouts after this became unknown.

The evils that remained in the world were being kept in check by a task force called the Knights of Ni (that's u guys). The evils that remained were left alone, but if and when they acted out, they would be dealt with by the Knights of Ni.

The Knights were sanctioned by the governments of the world to oversee the security of the planet. Its members consisted of men and women of great ability and special talents, who gave their oath to serve and protect, and were led by "General" Six. She was not of the military but was referred to as the general as a nickname because she was the one who sent out the orders.

The task force had a department of R&D (transmutation magic), although not a good one. However, they did create a dropship for them...

Everything in Neuphoria seemed to be good. What could go wrong?