Quick 13th Age Timeline

Episode Title Quick Synopsis
Max Joins the Party!
Marrowbreath, Escort & Ambush!
An Errand for Moz
Crate & Beatstick
The Redfangs
Seekers of the Lost
Ending the Song The heroes end the ritual, killing Jeskill and the summoned frenzied devil. Learn that the cult was using Aerto for bodies and that he reported to Arlissa Thent, and up-and-coming member of the Lamplighter guild, currently headed by Garados; the proprieter at the magic emporium where the heroes just bought more potions...
The Ritual
Chasin Drug Dealers
Canvasing the Dream Theater
The Dream Theatre
Elsa Whiterose
Leaving the Dead Vaults
The Dead Vaults
Brewery Aftermath
Investigating the Square
Shadows over Eldolan
A Letter from Eldolan
A Leaf on the Wind
Welcome to 13th Age