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Episode Title Quick Synopsis
Where do we go from here? Azaltin insists Faruq keeps Deck of Many Things.
Azaltin, Revealed! Siblings continue exploring, telepathically taunted by a Pit Fiend trying to get a 'book' from Azaltin. Azaltin rewards siblings rescuing him with epic items of legend!
Lich Hunters, Inc. - Part Deux! Siblings escape to safety of their island fortress near Huzuz. Give Roheen Amulet of Proof Against Detection & Location to hide him. Travel to Al-Anwahr and apologize to Sheyisha. Enter ruins and fight devils now residing there.
Lich Hunters, Inc. Siblings finish quick errands in Huzuz then supply briefly to begin investigating Raja in Gor'osto. Ambushed on the way by Raja herself who soundly defeats the orphans but flees to regroup rather than lose her genie servant. Humbling. Siblings reconsider and flee back to relative safety of Huzuz.
Faruq trying to meet Adnan
Continuation from Our Story so Far
Information Faruq gleans from The Lions of Tomorrow Information Faruq gleans from The Lions of Tomorrow
Lions of Tomorrow Notes from Kazerabet
Doubt, Despair, & Death Find Kazerabet overwhelmed by grief & despair. Try to reason w/her but fail. She tries to convince us to travel to Sahu but transform into free-willed undead, decides to attack when we refuse. Controls Kal & tries to escape but forced to TP alone.
Back to Ysawis
The Ambush
Divide & Try to Conquer
An Old Soul and An Old Friend Check on Haroushin; OK. Body of Ash'taraq doesn't link to soul; maybe in Roheen. Verify if portal to BotTF in WH District still works; does. Send word to Tanya bint Perijan through al-Danafi traders request audience. Ambush by arcanoloth & e.elementals. Printz appears; Kazerabet sent him to get 'him'. Learn Mamoon wants meeting with Sulayman.
Spilling the Beans From Ali's notes: Ali's nature meant he was not a good fit for BotTF. Qirmiz is BotTF agent responsible for Grand Caliph's sterility (lipstick). BotTF spy in royal palace; important, well-connected and powerful. Hidden temple to Kossuth in Huzuz makes BotTF magi more powerful.
On to Krak al-Niraan Fly injured rider back to Hanif rider encampment. Plan with Yazid to distract forces to they can enter Krak al-Niraan. Gain entry and Keriyah makes merc lead us to Ali. Fight Ali's forces and escape (Azizullah Teleport scroll) to island north of Huzuz with Ali's body, diaries & papers.
Trouble in Huzuz
The Warehouse Aftermath
Revelations in Huzuz
Next Up!
From Heaven and Hell
Next Steps
A Marid Lesson
Our Reputation Precedes Us...
3 Up, 1 Down
Divided and Conquered!
Option Paralysis! 2
A Debt Paid, a Life Saved
Knowledge Above All
Reading and Riding
Scheming, Plotting and 11th level!
The Final Piece
Flasks, Fault & Fervor
The Funeral Feast
Private Eyes
The Grandfather is Dead
Prisoners or Guests
Back to Yasawas
The Wrath of a Mother
All Saint's Day
After Them!
The Leaning Towers
Our Tale, Such as it has been told, Part III
The Lions of Tomorrow
A Family Affair
Finding Family
Island Lions
Trying to Get a Lift
Audience with Tannous
Private Eyes
Not Strong Enough
Sulayman Describes First Meeting Mamoon
Busy in Huzuz
Welcome back to Huzuz
The Gnoll Lair
Back Through the Desert
The Wind Shifts...
He Said, She Said... The heroes awoke able to breathe easier that their mission was successful. But with the noon-day sun came more questions... and a summons to the dining hall by the new ruler of the undead city...
After the Bone Pavillion
Into the Bone Pavillion Set upon the path to rescue to the surviving members of the caravan, the heroes continue into the lair of the Necromancer King, Sumulael. Their plan? To kill the king once and for all...
Princess Zoraya Her guardian is dead. The tomb is silent, and now the heroes have in their possession the fabled great scimitar Lifedrinker. Ignoring the cold whispers now accompanying them, the heroes turn their thoughts to what other treasures might be discovered if they dig a little deeper...
The Greater of Two Evils
The Secret of the Jungle
The Yuan-Ti
On to Dihliz
The Dao of the Ferry
Investigations in Huzuz
Return to Wasat
Risk for Riches
Into the Crypt
Winter Got You Down?
To Save a Sheikh
A Conversation
The Abduction
The House of Hanif
Our Tale, Such As It Has Been Told, Part II
The Oasis
The Ruby Lion
Jabal Sarahin
Climbing Assassin Mountain
A Warm Welcome
Into the Haunted Lands
The Everlasting
Word from Haroushin
A Queen Rises
The Razed Temple
On to the Temple
Into the Jungle
Exploring Kadarasto
Blood is Thicker...
Our Tale, Such As It Has Been Told, Part I
Achmed al-Zuli the Magnificent
The 11 Baneful Gates Siblings continue through palace discovering succubus disguised as Azaltin's wife. Charms Guzman and summons Barlgura, orphans defeat them. Find evidence that 11 Baneful Gates was destroyed and find book titled "The Kingdom of Lions"
Deeper into the Temple Destroy black idol, discover in wall carvings that Guzman's Mace of Smiting was pictured wielded by a sad, gaunt man wearing an adornment on its head; story of Al-Anwahr becoming clearer. Explore other rooms
The Temple of Azaltin Orphans travel into the temple; fighting chimera, discovering Nerim the hermit and the black idol that possesses and forces them to try and get others to become possessed as well.
My Deepest Sympathies Printz uses his magical talents to help ease the sorrow of Chaka's loss.
The Jann Orphans take Chaka and Guzman's bodies to Al-Anwar. Jann renegs content w/D'aro, kill Jann. Faruq calls for Jann to introduce to encampment. Sheyish resurrects Guzman but Chaka doesn't return. Bond of Salt and introduced to Printz.
Useless and Ugly: Part 2
Useless and Ugly: part 1
The Lair of Fhakhira
The Underking The heroes collect themselves from felling the Ghul Guardian, but find that the Underking's minions will protect their liege with their now undead lives...
Down the Rabbit Hole
The Pyramid of Kagamemni
The Plaza of Eternity
Into the Haunted Lands
On to Wasat
A Favour to be Repaid
The Oasis
Fill in the Blanks
The Secrets of the Ruins
Deeper Into the Krak
Krak-Al-Shidda Return Suhail's skull to his coffin & bury other skulls nearby. Continue towards Krak al-Shidda fighting Chimera and Griffons. Discover
...in progress...

...in progress...
The Shrine of Suhail min Zann Discover Shrine of Suhail min Zann raided by foul Yak-men. Defeat them, Chaka temporarily possessed by spirit of Suhail who tells siblings of the Geomancers and to advise Nalvthe Lions of Tomorrow have returned. Nalv flies off without another word.
On to Krak-Al-Shidda Siblings travel to shrine near Krak al-Shidda, meet huge wasp Nalv protector of shrine of Zann who describes the shrine's slow destruction due to inexplicable earthquakes. Orphans investigate to find a Dao (Hasan) unwittingly destroying and defeat him.
The Djinn of Earth Continue towards Krak al-Shidda & find small village (Tedofosehk) meeting Anan who says they've lost their medicine man & villagers to jackalweres. Find Mahara, ambush Dao genie Ynadin & successfully rescue Mahara, but learn villagers all dead already. Return to village.
The Tomb of Shaddad: Part 2 Enter tomb again, defeat shadows & encounter Shaddad as undead mummy lord. Guzman claims Cyclone of the Four Quarters.
The Tomb of Shaddad: Part 1 Enter tomb of Shaddad get whupped by Shadows. Retreat, rest to try again.
To Krak al-Shidda Su finds potential treasure spot: Krak al-Shidda. Haroushin agrees to research Adil & medallion. Talk to Yakub about Krak for info. Buy provisions for trip to ruins. Suspicious flash-flood that reveals secret entrance to tomb in wadi. Tomb belongs to Shaddad; Faruq tells ancient story of Cyclone of the Four Quarters.
A Stranger and a Riddle Orphans meet Adil (street thief) in street speaking strange language and learn of his plight and the strange medallion he can't escape. Orphans link meteor to Adil's story. Invisible Stalker kills Adil but he's brought back to life. Stash Adil in jail for his protection and seek out scholar (Haroushin) for answers.
Muli Comes Clean Orphans interrogate Muli who says there is a member of royal family friendly to Yodfah who manages the Brotherhood of the True Flame's resources. Sometimes they send junior members (Hanzala) to supervise. Muli suggests The Gilded Palm might have killed Ayyam. Hand Muli over to Yunnus.
The Enemy of My Enemy... Meet Ayyam's brother Muli. Muli asks heroes to bring Ayyam into Mount of Mercy to be laid to rest, but traps them in crypt saying he was forced to. Orphans fight ghouls and more to find a way out.
Life, Death, and Consequences in the Land of Fate Waiting for word from Ayyam about her mistress' plans to take down Yodfah. Check with Yakubfor jobs; none. 3 days pass then Khalid approaches orphans to be porters for someone for some cash. Siblings arrive to see the deceased is Ayyam.
The Brotherhood of the True Flame Prisoner Rashad (House of Hanif) says brotherhood raiding Haunted Lands. Hanzala and Mustanir battle orphans to the death. Learn that there are brotherhood agents in Huzuz, Yodfah primarily into gems but also legitimate & illegitimate business & not paying taxes. Faruq makes duplicate of journal. Return to Huzuz, give Ayyam journal and she completes payment with thanks.
Yodfah and the Waterfall Orphans travel to location of hideout and speak "Secchina draw aside" to gain bypass waterfall. Learn from slave Azzad that Mistress Hanzala runs wine-making operation for Yodfah and she is a member of the Brotherhood of the True Flame.
The Hama Jabir's sons, Kalib and Anwar attack orphans. Yakub and orphans orphans remove evil eye at mosque of Jisan & Imam agrees to liquidate their treasure. Orphans receive note to meet Ayyam at garden where she commissions siblings to find Yodfah's journal from hideout to expose his criminal activities.
Grave Robbers! Talk to Yakub who tells about grave near city ripe for robbing. Orphans go to try and beat brothers who are looking too. They find the the tomb of Jabir, finding treasure also but sickened from decay.
Not Much to Show For It Orphans recuperate at Aunty's house. Yunnus arrives to settle Babazadeh's claim for restitution. Siblings argue but ruling goes to Babazadeh. Yunnus offers to have pearls appraised and use their value against the debt.
The Quest Begins Break up fight between Khalid and Babazadeh. Chase jewelled fish into cistern and discover old woman, return 'fish' to sea and rewarded by mermaid. Forced by Yunnus to pay restitution for loss income.
Equal Pay for Equal Work
The Evil Eye
Al-Qadim Primer
Prologue The orphans meet Gogol and Imam Renn who verify that Aunty is in fact to be indentured if the sum of 30k isn't raised in a year