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Fragment Date 1996-09-13
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This campaign began almost fifteen years ago. We had a large group of players at the time, playing everything from spell-slinging elves to battle-hardened dwarves. We got together almost every week like clockwork, and for a time the campaign seemed to have a life of its own. Since then, our group has dwindled in size somewhat, but those that still play faithfully remember fondly the "good 'ole days" and we laugh and talk about it often.

I joined the group in 1996 when we were playing at the time in my uncle's basement, but we've moved around a lot since. We'll play pretty much anywhere we can, so precious now is the time we can lend to the game. Eric remains our faithful and dedicated DM, and this campaign is taken on a life of it's own; so broad and diverse has it become! Sword-waving warriors, spell-tossing wizards, political intrigue, and constant surprises all work together to give this campaign a life of it's own.

As with most campaigns, we've shuffled players a few times and many remain friends to this day. A lucky handful of us still get to play once in a while, and through the various releases; 2e, 3e, 3.5e and now even 4th edition, it's not the treasure, the magic items, even the personal glory that keeps this campaign going. It's the need to see this grand tapestry lengthened, to see the story continue. No matter how tunnel-visioned we may be in the lives of our characters, no matter how insignificant a group of low-level adventurers might be, we try always to keep in mind the bigger picture, and work towards the greater good.

It's been a crazy trip all these years, and despite the work this favourite passtime involves, it remains a great deal of fun... and perhaps always will.

Familial obligations, work and friends continue to grow, and throughout it all, Tales from the Fireside continues to grow.

I'd like to thank everyone that has contributed their parts to this world, their individual stories, their collective creativity, and above all, their dedication to continue playing. The faithful are, in no particular order:

Eric: "Okay, I kill your character"
Greg: "I furrow my brow and look at him with a Fireball on my fingertips"
Dave V: "Kill 'em now, raise 'em later"
Caelynn: "Today is a good day to die!"
Shaun: "Moment of Inspiration"
Danny: "Can't we just roll the dire bear along the ground?"
Jonas: "My Chaotic Good character does something Chaotic Good"
Ravi: "Butterfingers"
Joe: "I have a new character idea"
Fabrizzio: "I destroy PCs for fun"
Roberto: "Can't all PCs be role-played as Paladins?"
Dave L: "I think I'd like to try a longsword-wielder..."
Andrew: "Every session is like Christmas"
Sanjeev: "Listen for the Swoosh"
Jaad: "I want my uncles back"
Neil: "I don't want to metagame, but..."
... and our newest members/victims:
Jedd: "The only guy who can roll 0 on a d10"
Graeme: "Gravity sucks"
Thanks for the fun, guys.

This was where the
Campaign started!
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The History of D&D