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Campaign Extra Date 1996-09-13
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The Dwarven Letter

The Scourge of the Underdark Campaign

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During the heroes' foray into the Dwarven Citadel in Geoff, they came upon aband of the Scarlet Brotherhood crouched over an ancient tome. Immediatelyrecognizing those of the Scarlet Sign, Tanamier and Brother Griften jumped intoaction, though before the battle was met, the monks teleported away safely withthe tome.

In their wake however, the heroes discovered some scattered parchment leftby the fleeing villains, but only one parchment was legible enough to be ofuse...

A Passage from the Book of Thrawgrim
High Priest of Thoradin the World-Maker
Loremaster of Clan Strongrock

And so it came to pass that the dark forces of the
human magic-wielders known as the Ur-Flannae came to be defeated
by the faerie folk of the City of Summer Stars.
However, the Whipered One's Lieutenant, Baalshezidek the Baleful,
did not accept defeat.
Securing the remnant of the forces that attacked the City of Summer Stars,
he proceeded to the Golden Fields of Geoff,
intent on discovering the secrets of faerie people that had repulsed them.
He brought with him the one artifact: The Trumpet of Doom.
Using the powers of the Trumpet, Baalshezidek raised
an army of skeletons and swordwraiths to carry out his will.
The elves of the Golden Fields of Geoff put aside their petty jealousies,
and called upon their dwarven allies to aid in the struggle.
The combined armies met the necromancer's forces at the Battle of Leafhome,
the primary settlement for the faerie. Baalshezidek's forces caused fear
amongst the faerie-folk, and even amongst some of the proud dwarvenwarriors.
While it seemed that evil would prevail, a force of dwarves, elves, andhumans
returned from an expedition to the Barrier Peaks carrying the White Banner ofMielec.
With the help of this holy and good relic, the necromancer was forced intodefeat;
despite the Trumpet of Doom, the battle was lost that day for him.

Baalshezidek fled to the cursed Caverns of Sorrow,
without anything, save the Trumpet of Doom.
He never emerged from those caverns,
and his body is presumed to be there to this day,
though in what condition, only the gods know...

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