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Fiction Date 2003-06-28
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Episode #11: The Citadel of Serenity

The Ministry of the Blade Campaign

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Griften's main residence is now the Citadel of Serenity, nestled deep
within the Oytwood Forest. During one of his adventures, acting seemingly
as if controlled by some external force, Griften subjected himself to the
magic of the Deck of Many Things. The result was that Griften
immediately became aware of this large structure where none stood before.
As if masons and stoneworkers had just completed it, the citadel was
furnished and boasted all the functionality and comforts expected in a keep
of its size. Griften immediately travelled there to investigate, and when
it was confirmed, he immediately sent word to the Temple of the Yellow Rose
that they now had a stronghold in the west to continue their
works. The
Brotherhood realized the importance of expanding their influence westward
and sent a contingent of studying monks and psions to study there with
comforts enough to support those who would donate their lives to the search
for enlightenment and spirituality.

Since that day, Griften remains keeper and absentee master of the tower.
Now populated with a host of monks, psions and staff, the Citadel has
changed now from an echoing, empty stronghold to a bastion of learning,
training and security in a forest fraught with dangers in a region where
political turmoil still persists.

The Oytwood Forest

The Oytwood is a small forest compared to the Grandwood and the
Hornwood, and lies almost entirely in the Duchy of Geoff. The Oytwood itself stands naked against the flat, barren
terrain of the March, solitary against the sweeping winds and small against
the Hellfurnaces that loom overhead. The forest is sparsely decorated with
groves of fruit trees and small rolling hills. Cold, quick rivers and
streams snake their way from the northern edges of the forest, and
disappear to underground springs just south of the forest's southern
border. Because of
Geoff's unique geography, the Oytwood is plagued constantly by early
morning fog, and frequent rain and thunderstorms. It is home to the Grey Elves
and the Weeping Council which guides them, and they still defend the forest and its borders vigorously against
the slowly diminishing bands of marauding giants who wander its borders. Diplomatic efforts with the Grey Elves have earned The Brotherhood of the Yellow Rose an alliance with the Grey Elves of the Oytwood; based largely on their mutual concern with the Giant occuption
of Geoff.

As it turns out, the elves have shared with Griften and the Brotherhood
leadership that when the Citadel of Serenity was conjured into existence,
it did so right in the heart of the forest; an almost geometric perfect
center to the oddly-shaped forest borders. The elves and the seat of their
Weeping Council remain north of the Citadel, and advised Griften of the
small series of caves that the Citadel and its fortifications was conjured
over. These caves were abandoned long ago and have never served any
practical purpose, but their location underneath the Citadel does hold some
curiosity with Griften.

The Citadel

The Citadel is several stories high and hundreds of feet in diameter with a secure outer wall almost three
stories high; a large structure by most measures, but smaller than fortifications like Blazebane on the Almorian border. There is a central tower, several stories taller than the
rest of the residence, and it is in the top floor that Griften has his
personal residence. Comfortable furnishings but not ornate, a large library
but not vast, and many windows that look out over the forest below. When
not with his companions, Griften spends many hours here; a rare place of quiet and peace for the troubled monk.

While the Temple of the Yellow Rose enjoys some natural protection
nestled high in the Raker mountains in the East, the Oytwood forest offers
little natural protection and the Grey Elves of the forest do not protect
the Citadel any more than they do the rest of the forest.

Griften visits often his Citadel, although much of his time is spent
away on ambassadorial trips with the Brotherhood. "The Scourge" has gone
through many metamorphoses, but Griften keeps in contact with his old
friends as often as he can. Griften's mental powers allow him great
mobility and allow him to travel back and forth between the many important
factions he is in constant communication with.

The Brotherhood, realizing the importance of having a presence in the west, have stationed many of the order at the Citadel, ensuring that those stationed there continue their study of body and mind.

The Construct at that time was cylindrical in shape, perhaps only two
stone's throws in diameter. With five different floors, the CItadel was
suitable sfor study, reisendnec and training of the monk sna psions tha
tlive there. Griften, of course, taught those who required training, and
resisded there himself ofr a time. Of course, his advventures and quest to
bring peace and order to the Flannaess requires his abasence much of th
etime, but his resolved that the Citadel remain protected inspried those
who thought less of expanding the reach of the Brotherhood.

the Brotherhood began fortifying the structure, enlarging it to accommodate
more monks, guarding it against attackers, etc. The walls were dotted with
windows, the grounds decorated with statues & beds of flowers and the
Citadel's entrance made grand and inviting, so that all might feel

Protections & Precautions

The forest is not so dense as to impede movement through it. Characters
have the same movement rate in the forest as they would without, but the
forest is notinnocent of impeding its visitors' progress. The forest is
inhabited by many; animals, humans perhaps, and a league of others. its
magic protections are the result of the druidic contingent within the
forest, seldon seem and seldom heard. The forest possesses a strange array
ofmagiks, all designed to discourage evil-doers and dissuade adenture
seekers. Those who enter the forest are unkonwingly under the effects of a
Lose the Path spell.

This ensures that those trying to find the Citadel cannot find it unless
the monks of the Brotherhood or the druidic order within the forest aid
them. (thought none can claim to have met any of the druids). To ensure
this proeection, the Grand Master of Flowers suggested that other druidic /
priestly spells be employed to assure the discouragement of the travelers
without causing them any harm. Thus, the forest is designed to look exactly
as every poart of it; wherever the wanderes look.

Within the Citadel, the residing monks have the use of a magical items to
aid in discerning the identity and intent of those who wander into teh
forest. As they watch the wanderess, they may choose to aid them or not. If
aided, an emisssary from the Citadel may go out to the forest to meet them,
and lean them in, or to help them if help is necessary. otherwise, it is
unliekly that any contact would be made. If however, the wanderes are able
to get close to the Citadel without the aid of the order, there are certain
safebuardsin place to dissuade them further, or to lead them in should that
be their desire.

(hallucinatory forest & programmed illusion & mirage arcana) When
anyone comes within 200 yeards of the Citadel, a combination spell of
Pogrammed Illusion an dPermanent Illusion comes into effect. The illusion
only activates once they come within this radius, and when they do, the
observant traveller will se ea man dressed in black robes resting on a rock
ahead on teh path. (no doubt at this point, the traveleres are fed up with
the same scenery, and this is a welcome sight!)

The Man sitting on the rock is the Master of Dragons, Brother Griften
Insaith of the Yllow Rose, sitting in the sunshine, smoking a piipe. (the
obliging wizard thought this was a hilarious touch... griften doesn't
smoke). As the traveleres approach, the illusion stands, bows depely to
them and tells them that they approach the Citadel of Serenity, a place of
peace, contemplation and wonder. Griften encourages them to approach if
they mean wellk, and dissuades them if they mean harm to those withing. Of
course, he cannot answer questions, buut he doe thell them if they require
audience with the Master of the Tower, they shoujld request it of the monks
that live inside.

Afte rthis, the illusion of Brother Griften wihes them well in their
journy, whatever it might be, and walks off the path into th forest where
he probmtply and obviously fades into nothingness.

After the metting with the illusion of Brother Griften, the adventurers are
perstered no more by the effects of the forest. They may proceed unhindered
to the Citadel, though they know not where it actually is.

Soon they will come to a clearing in the woods, a break in the monotonous
paths and trees. Unfortunately, before those who gaze upon it appears to be
a great swamp. The forest opens up to a gamping swamp, dire with putrid
water and decaying, dead tress. If however they vernture into teh swamp,
they will quikcly find they ai face stand on an open plaoin, and not amidst
the mucky swamp they thought they would be.

(mirage arcana & hallucinatory terrain) -

As the adventurers venture into the
swamp, they will quicly each individually realize that is is a vast, open
plain, and can proceed more easily. Onc etheir resolve in reachign the
Citadel is obviou, (they've entered the swamp), the Mirage Arcana will
cease, and the Citadel will phase into view, looming over the adventrers
who hopefully stand awestruck before it. If elation sweeeps their rands, it
is soon to be taken away because as they approach the Citadel, they will
get no close, and it will seem to them that they always remain the same
distance away... another common misconception.

(distance distortion)

Those wishing still to approach may, and the effects will wear off as they
come to th dhe door of the Citadel at last. A tall, dark coloured door,
unlocked and standing as tall as two men bars the entrance, but do not
dissuade anyone from entering.

The citadel was molded into a small fort, a surrounding wall offering
privacy and defense wee any ever necessary, with turrets and lookouts
surrounding it. The walls were dotted with windows, the Citadel;'s entrance
being obvious and welcoming as none are denied access.

The inside of the Citadel is very plain and aesthetic, fitting to a place
of such discipline and study. As visitors open the great entrance doors to
the Citadel, no one welcomes them. None come to greet them, no one offers
them aid, and there is nothing visible but an empty hall, what was
originally the Citadel as it came to exist in the Oytwood Forest. This hall
was the entranceway and main floor of the original five-floor Citadel,
before the fortification orders from the Brotherhood.

To the left of the hallway as visitors enter the foyer rests a large tome
atop a simple wooden dais. The book lies open, and across the pages are
scrawled a number of signatures; it appears very much like a simple
guestbook, and a beautiful quill and jar of ink sit on the dais. If a
simple Detect Magic spell is used, the book radiates faint alteration
magic. If visitors enter and do nothing but waltz into the sanctuary, the
Vacancy spell that shrouds the Citadel will remain in effect. If however,
the visitor(s) pay attention to the tome as they enter, all this can be

The book is not magical of course, but an important part of a Contingency
spell. Once a visitor signs the book and places the quill back in the ink,
the Contingency spell triggers the Vacancy spell to discontinue, and the
citadel will literally 'come to life'. The bare halls become lined with
benches and paintings, tapestries adorn the walls and torches light up the
hallways. Smells of cooking wafts towards the entrance, and sounds of
meditative chant and the clash of training drift down the long corridors.
It is only after the visitors sign the guestbook that monks living here
will approach the visitors and welcome them, unless given other
instructions (by Brother Griften).

Filled with training rooms, study halls, libraries and small chapels, the
Citadel itself is rather plain and ordinary. Now that it has been
fortified, there are many more monks that have taken residence here,
anxious to be part of the Brotherhood's movement westward, preferring the
forest atmosphere to the harsh mountain range that surrounds The Temple of
the Yellow Rose.

Psions arrive seldom, there are only seven resididng there now, but many of
the monks have been give this gift.

The means by which the inhabitants of the Citadel may know of hte preseence
of those withing the forest is accomplished by the use of the Orb of Seeing
prestned to the Brothrhood. It is one of a piar, in fact that is ubed with
the spell Wizard Eye. Thus the monks are able to sense and observe those in
the forest and may choose to go to them if necessary. The other Orb of
Seeeing was give as afift to the Grand Master of Flowers, and is kept for
all to use in the Temple of the Yellow Rose, in the crystalmists.

The torches that burn on teh walls burn forever, imbued with Cantrip to
burn with a pale blue light, illuminating as much of the citadel as would a
regular torch. Monks may use these at night to twalk amogng the halls of
the Citadel, never in fear of them extinguishing and unafraid of the heat,
for thes torhes bear none. The monks refer to this effect as Coldfire.

In the middle of the construct lies now it's central tower, 7 stories in
height stop which is Griften's privaste residence, luxiourious and lavish
in comparison to the accomodations of the other monks and psions. Roughly
50 yards in diamter, the circular tower houses little else than Griften's
changmbers. A long, winding staircase curls its way up the inner walls of
the tower, the only entrance to this residence. This is because there is
not entrance to the residence itself. There is no door, and the windows are
magical blocks of stone. For this is not how Griften enters or leaves his
rooms; simply the manner by which it was constructed by his fellows monks
of the brotherhood.

While the Grandmaster of Flowers realized that the Citadel must be
protected, it was recognized that he could not always rely on the order ot
make every decision with his apporoval. The Grand master has been pleased
with Griften, and subsequently has treated him well. Magikcs surrounding
the Citadel and the Oytwood are not only favours to the Grand Master, but
favours for Griften as well, from mages of significatn power and influence,
and a druidic order that Griften know not of wihting the Oytwood

Griften's residence does not have any windows, but where windows should be
thestone blocks have been enchanted to act as windows. Tall, elegant
windows, that offer a sweeping view of the forest and its beautiful
sunsets. As strong as stone themselves, they off Griften a unique
characteristsic used not for protection, but for pleasure (Glassee).

Thus, Griften is able to see outwards, but no one is aware, or able to see
into the resience, offering excellent privacy and anonymity. Unfortunatley,
the residence is not lived in most of the time, the monks of teh
Brotherhood respect Griften's pprivacy. The residence is finely furnished,
as it's real purpose is not tonly to act as refuge for the Master of
Dragons, but also for entertaining of a more private nature. As Griften's
influence in the Flanaess continues to grow, so too does the need for
privacy. Those with whom Griften now associates appreciate methods such as
these; and enjoy the comforts provided here.

Couches of finest velvet circle the ornate fireplace, which is kept
constantly burning. A vast array of books line the walls of the main room,
stretched from floor to eiling, on subjects as varied as the animals on
Oerth. Baskets of fruit remain constantly replenished, and freshly cooked
bread is supplied from the bakery in the Citadel below.

Candles light the room, a chandelier hangs steadily from the tall,
cathedral ceiling and scented flowers lighten up the room with their sdent
and beauty. The room is kept immactulately cleanr, and this is not
accomplished through any of Griften's means...

(unseen servant)

Thus griften need not worry about bringing guests into a messy entertaining
room, or not beign able to offer them a glass of wine and som food. often
Griften and guests relax in their foretress of solitude for hours,
discussing important mattrers or simply watching the flames lick the
fireplace, reminiscingi and enjoying each other's company.

The residence is cloaked in a veil of protective magic, so that no one may
simply watch it's inhabitants with teh uses of Crystal balls or scrying
magic. the room has been covered in a nondetection spell, so that these
magiks are ineffective.

With the aid of the magic bestowed upon his residence, Griften can safely
and worrilessly bring guests to and from his entertaining qarters. But
without doors and windows (of a typical manner), griften's guests must rely
on the extradimensional means of tranportation that griften himself must
use to gain access. When griften wants to bring a guest or he hmiself
withes to enter, he simply uses the psion abilities grante dhim to Tleeport
or Wormhomel inside the residence. There, 2 other guests may stay
comfortably with their own beds and rooms, ejoying the comfort and
solitude, but only for a short time. those idividuals with the means to
return later via their own magics are politely asked to refrain from doing
so by Grifte, as this is his personal sanctuary. and he has gone to great
pains to keep it as such.

Griften's Closest Followers














Ventrius, Druid

Psychic Monk/Warrior

All of the above trainees and acolytes reside with him in the Citadel of
Serenity. There they refine their skills and strive to reach new levels of
understanding and discipline. They use their talents and gifts with and
against one another to learn more about what they each can do, and how they
might use their talents with others to better all of mankind.

Much of the training is done by other monks of the Yellow Rose;
instructors of the various arts reside in the Citadel as well, but those
listed here are the ones that Griften has either taken special interest in,
or have shown the most potential in their trainings with the Master of the

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