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Session Date 2016-03-17
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Episode #16: A Stranger and a Riddle

The Burning World Campaign

NPCs mentioned in this Episode:


It was two days since the orphans had to 'deal' with Muli.

The heroes travel to meet Sulayman

Along the way, a beggar stumbles into the street mumbling incoherently. His eyes were rolled back into the back of his head.

Faruq: Embrace fate and she will smile upon you.
Faruq: The key to understanding lies through the mists of ignorance
Faruq: Learn from yesterday to shape tomorrow.

Chaka tries to use her magics to both determine the truth of Adil's words, and to decipher the mysterious language Adil is speaking, but to no avail.

- $$ - cost for food bought at the Cafe for Adil al-Muluki
- Adil admits he is a street thief
- Rumour of the Beggar King comes to our minds... a figure rumoured to
- tells us of a shortly, balding, dark hair, portly priest leaving mosque who ignored him earlier
- stole the bag from the priest (Holy Imam of the God Zann), and found the medallion with the

- Adil tried to speak the words in the moonlight; 9 meteors streaked across the sky...
- then he blacked out
- he now awakens in random places with no memory of how he got there
- Faruq seems to recall that a few months ago, he heard some news of a strange meteorological occurrence being discussed
- Adil does not know the language, but was making an attempt to pronounce it anyway
- He says he has asked the Imams of the mosques to take the seal from him, but it mysteriously always returns to him
- hopeless, Adil asks for some money to go on his way, but as the heroes argue, he is snapped up by an unseen force and strangled in the air.

S: Tabati (Invisible Stalker)

Picture of invisible-stalker
- the heroes try to free Adil (Zephyr flies to grab him, Faruq shoots him, but to no avail)

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Muli Comes Clean

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