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March 17, 2016

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Session Date 2016-03-22
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Episode #18: To Krak al-Shidda

The Burning World Campaign

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Sulayman had done some research during his downtime to seek out any scuttlebutt re: treasure hoards, etc. He found not much in official libraries, but the name Krak al-Shidda came up more than once.

At the southeastern middle end of the Al-Akara Mountains there stands the wreckage of an old stronghold named Krak al-Shidda, a reminder of the bygone wars when Zakhara was being converted to the Law of the Loregiver.

Opposing armies, armies of Enlightened People and armies of what would be barbarians would besiege the fortress. Because of the incessant warfare, the fort newer could be properly refortified to withstand an approaching army.

Finally, a wise old general ordered the stronghold razed so he would not have to recapture it again after the monsoon season the following year. With Krak al-Shidda destroyed, and more and more people becoming Enlightened, those who would become barbarians found they had nothing left to fight over, and the senseless warfare ended. But to this day, desert nomads sometimes find old swords and bits of armor near the ruins, a few broken remnants that remind us of those ancient battles.

Today, the ruined qal�at remains in its commanding position, guarding the southwestern entrance to the Jackal's Pass, a passage through the mountains. Travelers sometimes stop at the ruins for a night or two, seeking shelter from the winds or looking for water among the overgrown wells of the fort. A young goatherd, once said he saw the glitter of gold at the bottom of a pit in the ruins. This was never officially corroborated, but it was enough to send treasure hunters investigating.
To date, none have reported any success there.

- The heroes begin by deciding what to do about Adil
- Imam Haroushin of the mosque of Zan agrees to research the medallion for us
- we tell him to contact us @ Auntie's when he has info
- we visit Yakoub who tells us more about the Al-Akara Mountains and Krak-al Shaddi fortress
- Yakoub agrees to act as intermediary for us (no one wanted to use Khalid)
- go to prison and tell Adil to contact Yakoub after he's released
- faruq makes a copy of the medallion in his book
- heroes buy supplies & stores for the journey to the mountains
- heroes travel towards the mountains, and after noticing during the day that the clouds have grown - unnaturally thick, the rain starts and increases to a flash flood
- the heroes have to escape to the safety of the bank, and then sit it out.
- when it has cleared, the heroes continue and see a marble staircase leading up to the side of the wadee
- Suleman feels a lever of some kind (up to the elbow)
- the grinding sound of rock against rock, and a secret door opens in the wall of the wadee
- two large crimson doors greet the heroes: on which are inscripted: (In medani): Be warned, O Faint of Heart: I am Shaddad, Son of Ad, Terror of the Genies, He who never yielded in battle, Defeated only by Time - the Great Destroyer of Men and Societies
- Cyclone of the Four Quarters - Shadad (powerful Sheik) - ordered noble genies to cease their campaigns against the al-badi -

buying 2 each x10 = 500gp

2x healer's kits (faruq and Zephyr)

Supplies for trek?

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March 17, 2016

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The Tomb of Shaddad: Part 1