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Fiction Date 2015-05-27
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Episode #1: The History of Ro-Altaris-Alar

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Ro-Altaris-Alar, Giant Steward

Quick Facts: Giants do not worship gods. Giants first came to Dor-Erthenos (the lands of the Diamond Throne) in the year 1228, landing at Khorl. After a thousand years of Dramojh rule, the Giants arrived and started kicking ass. The first Giant city in Dor-Erthenos was Du-Nor, at Khorl. Moving along the eastern coast of Dor-Erthenos, the giants re-claimed city after city and finally came to the Ghostwatch, where they built Ka-Rone a d began to move inland to combat the Dramojh forces. Current ruler of The Diamond Throne is Lady Protector Ia-Thordani, in power only a year. She is not married, but is accepting suitors.

Giants are the only members of The Observance, whose sole power is to elect, supplant and advise rulers of The Diamond Throne. There are 16 Giant Stewards in Dor-Erthenos, each based out of a major city. Current Steward of De-Shamod (the most magnificent Giant City in Dor-Erthenos) is named Dro-Kareth, a huge giant steward appointed by the Monarchy.

Dor-Erthenos (Land to the West) - The Giants of today call the entire continent of the Diamond Throne Serran ' The common word for the world
- Feykin ' What Giants affectionately call Faen
- Little Brother ' what Giants affectionately call a well-liked human
- Bru-Nothan ' the term used for the "Giantish Histories"; the most reliable historical account of the evolution of Serran
Chi-Julud ' the mindset of a Giant set on going to war/combat
Si-Karan ' the mindset of a Giant when protecting and caretaking something
Du-Nor ' the first Giant stronghold established in Dor-Erthenos after their first landing at Khorl in 1228.
Ka-Rone - majestic city built at the mouth of the Ghostwatch
De-Shamod - greatest of all Giant cities, where lies the Diamond Throne

Day of the Week

The History of Ro-Altaris-Alar Ro-Altaris-Alar was born in the city of Del-Makar, across the Boundless Sea in the Land of the Giants. This construction of this great city began in the year the first giants sailed West hundreds of years ago. The massive undertaking was to symbolize the Giants' commitment to the freedom and revival of the humans and other races in Serran. As their struggle against the Dramojh saw the slow decline of the evil demon-spawn race, it encouraged the Giants to beautify and further engineer their new city as a testament to the victories overseas and the thriving Stewardship of the human civilization.

It was in the midst of this spectacular construction that Altaris' life began, and his mother's ended. As glorious as a birth into the Giant community always is, Altaris' was marred by the passing of his mother due to complications. Wife to a proud, and dignified nobleman in the Grand Senate of Del-Makar, she was mourned throughout the capital by young and old alike. Altaris was born the youngest of three brothers (a huge family by giant standards) and from his earliest memories, Altaris' birthday was never an occasion for celebration, only an occasion for remembrance of the day their mother had passed, and this was to set the tone for Altaris's entire life, it seemed.

Altaris's older brothers were both promising students at the academy of Del-Makar. Alonis, the oldest, was training in the art of War, and had risen to the earliest levels of Warmain. His skill with the giantish-swords showed great promise and he trained in his art with enthusiasm and a lust for combat. Altaris's next oldest brother was named Narenth. He was from his earliest years the consummate diplomat, wise and intelligent, giving much thought to his endeavors and acting only when it was most prudent. Altaris's father, Korin is a huge, learned giant very well-versed in tradition and ceremony. His rise to the Great Senate was not without controversy, but he had weathered all speculation and challenge throughout his many years in the senate and was now a well respected and well known celebrant of the many Giant Ceremonies that dot the yearly calendar.

Korin has always regarded all his sons with pride and respect. As the three grew into adulthood, it became obvious that his brothers' drive and ambition, their focus made them favourites. Altaris never really knew what he was meant to do, but what he enjoyed most was taking part in Grand Ceremony. Naming ceremonies, It is with great pride that he discusses the battle prowess of his oldest son, and with great hope and admiration that he boasts of his next eldest son and the sage he is sure to become. Altaris, however has never had such a competency.

Years of living in the shadows of his brothers, wrestling with the guilt and grief he was born into this world with has been very frustrating for Altaris. However, Altaris's love for his city and love for the ceremony and tradition his father has instilled in himself and his brothers stays deep within Altaris.

Altaris learned early on that the circumstances of the humans born into slavery by the evil Dramojh could not stand. Unaccustomed to oppression and the outright dominion held over a weaker race, Altaris felt a very personal responsibility to ensure that the struggling race was allowed to once again rule itself and govern themselves. Stories that drifted across the sea to the original Giant lands taunted and teased Altaris. It seemed that whatever pursuit he took up, he would always be playing 'second fiddle' to his older brothers. Altaris leaves his beloved giant city and the continent to go and protect the humans he sees as being vital to the development of Serran as a whole. To leave the original colonizing giants as the sole governing force would be remiss at best, and it was his duty to bring the new Giant Traditions to the west. Ro-Altaris-Alar was born in the Giant lands of Chi-Jaran to the far East, across The Boundless Sea. Raised by a noble Giant family in the west, he was born into the stewardship mind-set and thinks as many Giants do that the Humans across the sea need continued guidance. Altaris spent his time back home (gaining the three levels of Giant) Altaris has been ingrained with a special sense of responsibility for the easily corruptible and weak race (humans), Altaris desires to go across the sea. charged with the responsibility to protect and serve one of the Humans that is to play a pivotal role in rediscovering their ability to self-govern, Altaris is sent across the sea after swearing an oath to protect him/her at all costs. the trip across the sea took weeks, a massive ship the size of a small human city. Through days of dense fog, incredible storms and the uncertainty of the world he was about to cast himself into; Altaris furrows is brow in determination and resolve. arriving in the lands to the East, Altaris is welcomed into the Giant community, but is very single-minded about his charge. he is told where to find his charge and goes in pursuit of the one he is to protect, and therein lies his introduction to the heroes First Impressions: Name Thoughts/Impressions Jadan Korr It is hard what to make of this human. I see in him the fervor and determination these humans are renowned for;
yet it seems hidden, lying in wait. Perhaps he will learn how to channel this in the days to come; I will watch him closely and aid him to this end. Chef Strange and quiet, there is more to this adventure seeker than meets the eye. Clearly set on finding a loved one, I'm not sure yet what secret he hides.

Jara I like this Feykin. I've known some of her kind before, all flighty and carefree as she clearly is. But her focus in a dire situation is remarkable for her race, and she may prove to be a strong ally.

Warmain Mageblade Altaris' Secrets:
As a young giant, Altaris had to watch his best friend die horribly after falling from a stone precipice. Altaris has a long, jagged scar on his left arm where he was attacked as a boy by a rampaging pair of lionesses. His lingering fear of lions (including fearsome Litorians) is only quelled by his growing prowess in battle

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