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Fiction Date 1113-01-24
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Episode #23: The History of Tiemel Drixxen

The Ministry of the Blade Campaign

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He grew up in a simple elven town.

His mother died while giving birth to him.

Was raised by his loving father, who died when Tiemel was still a young man.

Tiemel wasn't one to be very religious. He knew of the elven gods, but felt he didn't need to worship them to better himself.

He had a fascination with sword play and studied many fighting styles through books. He looked upon it as more of an art, a form of expression, than a means of defending oneself. It was more of a hobby and a form of conditioning, and had never dreamt to raise his sword to an opponent.

He would be seen at the break of dawn practicing his different fighting styles before he would go off to the bakery where he earned his pay, delivering goods.

During one of deliveries, Tiemel was approached by Avourel, one of his long-timne customers on his delivery route, and was asked about his morning workout regiments. Tiemel explained to him his fascination w/the fighting styles.

Avourel then asked if Tiemel would mind if he could take him under his wing and teach him more than all the books on swordsmanship that Tiemel could ever imagine, in exchange for nothing. Tiemel agreed.

He would live there for the next 15 years living a peaceful existence, in harmony w/the elven town, and absorbing as much as he could from his former customer, now teacher and friend, Avourel.

One morning, during his morning regiment w/Avourel, Tiemel received his first vision.

From that point forward, he would continue to receive them randomly for the next year. Some of the visions would show a large human warrior who would introduce itself as Agravelenon, the god of war. And sometimes it was a small but powerful group who were feared by their opponents but his visions would focus on one of them specifically. His vision would tell him that this group was the scourge, and that he must follow the ways of Agravelenon. However, other than the making Tiemel a follower of Agravelenon, the intent to why he was receiving these visions was not clear.

Tiemel had shared his visions w/Avourel, who instructed him to pursue the scourge, and see what these visions are about. Upon doing this, Avourel informed Tiemel that he would be leaving, and that he had things of his own to take care of.

For the next year, Tiemel struggled w/his dilemma to stay in his home town to continue to live his comfortable existence, or to venture off to unknown places he has never been to, to discover the reasons why his newly found human god has asked him to follow him, and to seek this group called the scourge.

All that Tiemel has known all his life is kindness, and although he has heard of terrible things happening in faraway places, he had never witnessed anything of its kind.

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