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Fiction Date 2015-04-08
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Episode #8: Shair Notes

The Burning World Campaign

Ok, so gen "spell-fetching" simply replaces the warlock's additional spells known based on their patron. Like a standard warlock, you never have to choose one of your spells known from your list of bonus spells; it's just there as an option. The advantage the Sha'ir has is that he can essentially create his own personalized list of "bonus spells" from magicks he has seen in action.
Forbidden Magiks:
Awesome DM RP opportunities here! Quick questions:

1st & 2nd: What is the "evil eye"?
3rd & 4th: Who decides what 'atonement' is necessary? How does the sha'ir know? Does the Gen bring back a message from the offended party?
7th+: this one is just too cool

The gen will return with news of the displeasure of the being it tried to take the spell from. The sha'ir does not know what, exactly, to do to atone...discovering is part of the issue!

Elemental Protection
Cool (and useful!) ability; does this apply to traps and other non-attacks? Are there many of these? The resistance part is powerful, and I think it's appropriate that you only get it when the familiar is around, and if you sent it off to get a spell for you, then you have to choose between the two. Good idea imo.

Yes, to your question. Whenever someone takes "____" damage with an element filling the blank, the sha'ir's Elemental Protection feature applies.

Genie Binding
This is very cool... and because of all the conditions, really makes PCs hold up to their ends of the bargain. One of the things I keep wondering is why it's so good tohave genies in the first place? In the Al-Qadim world, are Sha'irs commonplace? Do Djinn's walk around a busy city like a rare race might and get little attention? Should I be looking up a particular monster to better understand why having bound genies is such a good thing? Things like "freed from obligation for 1 day in 10" sounds like we might have a genie walking around with us like a party member?

Sha'irs are not necessarily common, but everyone knows about them. Genies are rarer, of course, but still heavily part of the culture, so common people might be surprised at the appearance of one, but not ignorant as to what a genie is. Particularly wealthy and/or advanced city-states (like the captial, Huzuz) use genies in the running of the city.

While I can't summarize genies here, they are each CR 11. And yes, if the sha'ir either successfully negotiates or captures a genie, it accompanies the sha'ir.

Genie Prisons
This sounds like a potential business opportunity; if imprisoning genies is hard (opposed check) and earns you their undying hatred, then not a lot of sha'irs would be doing it, right? And the rule of the power of the prison fading 20 days after its created sounds like evil sha'irs might commission a genie prison be made for them when they have a specific event (and time) in mind, no? Can Genies die? Or are they like demons and they simply reform back in the abyss or devils reforming in the 9 hells?

Some sha'ir's have high spell save DCs and don't want to negotiate...hence, prisons. Some sha'irs only use them to trap dangerous genies. Genies can definitely die. The magic of the prison to initially capture a genie lasts for 20 days...otherwise, it stays active as long as there is a genie inside it. In other words, after crafting a prison, you have 20 days to use it.
Great Ambassador of Genie Kind
Sounds awesome for a story, and strikes me as an epic encounter for a Sha'ir whos spent their adventuring career being very careful with their negotiations with djinn they summon, and the 'contracts' they sign.

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