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Session Date 2013-07-27
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Episode #84: TABLE TOP FTW

The Winter Guard Campaign

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How many of us are lucky enough to play table top these days?

Whether it's because of work, living in different cities, family, or
other obligations... as we grow older, we're not all able to enjoy the
simple pleasure of getting together and spending a day doing this.

Except for today.

After months of non-committal suggestion and idealistic banter, we're
finally going to get together! One of our members is making the very
generous journey of joining us all the way from Whitby, Ontario, and we'll
try this abomination of maptools AND table top; at the same time!

See you on the other side...

  • Session begins with heroes arriving at the glyphed entrance to the

  • Without the means of dispelling the protective glyph, "hub?var=garrick">Garrick kicks down the door, suffering
    little ill
  • Picture of wraith

  • big fight with wraiths & shadow demon; "hub?var=isak">Isak mind-controlled constantly, auras,
    phasing, brutality (not focused)

  • heroes barely escape with some DM creatitvity

  • Garrick felled, Odus has to cast
    the costly ritual to return his soul from "hub?var=bahamut">Bahamut's grasp

  • find a secured chest and use three statues' swords & Garrick's
    to open the chest, in which they find the Brazier, the last of three
    pieces required for Oakley to
    cleanse the abbey

  • security the location, the heroes rest and set out to the keep now
    level 10

  • sneaking through the city, the heroes arrive and are met with the
    ettin guard

  • failing diplomacy wildly, they kill ettin & move in

  • welcoming them are many orcs, orc shaman and 2x dire worlves

  • big fight; heroes victorious

  • moving to 2nd level of the keep, the heroes encounter half-orc
    monks, female orc _______ and orc leader, _______

  • casters go down early, odus the first to fall, but heroes able to
    quell the threat

  • heroes manage to escape Gardmore unseen again, and return to

  • speaking first with Oakley, he is overcome it seems with emotion,
    anxious to return to the abbey

  • speaking next with Padraig,
    who was surprised to see the Winter Guard and making plans on his own,
    agrees to the Guard's plan to assault the abbey on the fourth

  • Winter guard goes to Bairwin
    & purchases 5x potions, then odus makes 5 more

  • Winter guard plans to leave the next day to return to the abbey,
    with oakley in tow, either to cleanse the temple first, or use him for
    the assult on the gate and the distraction to allow Winterhaven forces
    to enter the abbey

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