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Brother to both Griften and Xenoria Insaith

Griften, believing his brother was under his sister's magical influence, sought to retrieve him and asked The Scourge to help. The heroes tracked her down to an old, abandoned keep, and found out her plans: she had herself been tracking Tryiok, King of the Death Knights.

The Scourge actually caught sight of the Saint of Evil near the keep, where he appeared to be searching for something. After the death knight left, Xenoria and Darin appeared and also searched the same ruins. Griften chose to confront his sister with the rest of the Scourge.

She revealed to them that she planned Tryiok's destruction, and that Darin was an integral part of those plans. She also explained that Tryiok was, in addition to all his other powers, a powerful priest of Thasmudyan, the Ghoul Lord and Undead Master. It was her duty as a reverer of Skahlehn to destroy him. This did not diminish Griften's concern for the welfare of his younger brother, and the situation became more tense, so Xenoria teleported away with Darin.

First Met

Encountered travelling with Xenoria, both searching for something.

Features & Habits

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Friends & Allies

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Short & Long Term Goals

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