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The Scribe

"My mother and father are rich... and beautiful. When I was born there was some sort of mix up, and I was lost... but they're still out there, looking for me. It's all been one big mistake. One day they're going to appear with open arms saying, "My darling... my precious... we didn't know... we love you. Please come home so we can be a family..."

That's every orphan's fantasy, isn't it?

Real life doesn't work like that.


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Cool but remember: he's a talented, charismatic kid who is "tagging along" with real people who have real names and who may do great things. His humility is borne of a short life.filled with nothing but disrespect and being ignored.

So rather than whispering threats into the cultist's ear, maybe a genuine plea to be honest (because scribe fears the others will take his life) is a bit more scribe' s style. Essentially the 'good cop' without the 'bad cop'?

There is no malice, there is no hidden agenda. He is, quite literally, (if you can forgive the pun), an open book.

He's slowly finding that he has gifts; his language (from incessant, almost obsessive reading) his music (begun in his isolation and loneliness) and now the ability to weave the two into a magical combination.


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