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Talthos is a wild elf by name, race and appearance. He stands somewhat tall for a wild elf, but is as slim and wiry as the rest of his kin. He keeps his hair medium length to long, and it is often brown and unkempt; there is no need for finery in the wild. His darker-than-fair skin is often adorned with tattoos and designs of the wild; sigils and glyphs that have been passed down by wild tribes of the ancients, from the beginning of the world when Corellon first created the world. His eyes are a deep brown, and his furrowed brow is thick and suspicious. Talthos is always accompanied by his longbow (favoured weapon) and his spear; a weapon honoured by his tribe and used almost exclusively in close combat.

If your gaze lingers, you can see that while Talthos is as quick and nimble as all the deep wood folk, he walks with a slight limp; almost a gait and leans to his right. This, coupled with two long scars that run the length of his side and down his leg suggest a severe trauma long ago.




Talthos is awkward in social situations; never quite sure of people's meanings and intent. This is shaped by spending decades alone in the wilderness: hunting, standing guard, investigating, all alone. This is the life of the wild elves who protect the deepest parts of the forest. With those he trusts, Talthos is likeable for his uniqueness and not prone to brooding or negativity. Anxious to help and even pushy in volunteering; it seems Talthos is often "out to prove"... but it's not obvious why.

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